Our History

Created a decade ago, Si·SOM·DOS arises from the desire to offer quality products, with values and manufactured in a sustainable way in our country. We specialize in bed linen developed to promote rest, being durable and easy to maintain. "Neither wrinkle nor iron" is a common phrase among our customers, reflecting our attention to detail and comfort.


Our collections are characterized by a mix of high quality timeless basics and trendy garments that we renew every season:

Jersey fabric

Garments made of knitted fabric under our exclusive Jersey quality, super soft, breathable and does not require ironing.

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Percale Fabric

Aromatherapy washed cotton, extremely soft and including relaxing fragrances to improve sleep.

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Super Soft Gauze

Double gauze, exclusive light and very soft quality, one of the trend fabrics for this year.

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Choosing Si-SOM-DOS means introducing into your home products certified with the OEKO TEX Made in Green seal. This green seal certifies that our textile products are ecological and socially responsible. In addition, our manufacturing is sustainable and local, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

The benefits of sleeping with SISOMDOS

100% Cotton

All our products are made exclusively with natural cotton fibers, offering softness and comfort.

Better Rest

Thermoregulatory fabrics that maintain body temperature naturally, improving sleep quality.

No Wrinkle

Fabrics that keep their shape, eliminating the need for ironing and allowing you to enjoy your free time.

Soft Touch

Lightweight, soft touch fabrics provide a comfortable sleeping experience.

Allergy Reduction

Natural fabric technology that favors breathability, reducing humidity and the appearance of bacteria.


Sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing, reducing the carbon footprint.