our fabrics

At SISOMDOS we know the importance of the fabrics chosen for our bed. They maintain daily contact with our body and that is why it is essential to surround yourself with the best qualities. As experts in the textile world, we have chosen the quintessential natural fiber for SISOMDOS products: cotton. Thanks to its natural properties, our body breathes correctly, self-regulating our body temperature to sleep in the best possible way. Feeling wrapped in soft fabrics that soothe and accompany us throughout the night is vital.
SISOMDOS has also developed a unique and exclusive quality using techniques from the world of fashion. Thanks to the best national suppliers, we have created duvet covers, pillows and fitted sheets in a cotton quality similar to that commonly used in T-shirts, skirts or dresses. All the advantages of use and care have been transferred to the world of the home.

We also do not forget the care of these daily products. We do not have time or desire to iron and that is why SISOMDOS products have been designed in such a way that they do not wrinkle! Even after machine washing and automatic drying, the result is amazing. The benefits of cotton jersey are endless.

And last but not least, choosing SISOMDOS means introducing certified products with the Made in Green seal into your home. This green seal created by the Textile Industry Research Association certifies that our textile products are ecological and socially responsible.

SISOMDOS is the first European brand capable of fusing design and innovation for the home. All our products have been designed and manufactured in Barcelona.