Experts in fabrics that take care of your health and guarantee the rest you deserve.

Discover our new bedding collection with premium fabrics. Thermoregulation, unparalleled softness and wrinkle-free.
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It doesn't wrinkle or iron!

Sweet dreams!

The bedding that everyone is talking about! Discover its exclusive "almost addictive" quality of knitted cotton Jersey.


From the softness of chiffon to vibrant prints, find the perfect trend for your bedroom.

Duvet Covers

They are the favorites on the market for a good reason: they neither wrinkle nor iron! Available in knit and percale fabric to adapt to your preferences.

Bed sheets

Our lightest garment, ideal for the hottest people at home!

Premium Towels

Try the glamor of 100% cotton Portuguese towels. Soft and quick drying.

Bed linen in 200 thread count washed percale cotton. Extremely soft with great-smelling fragrances that help ease tension and create an environment conducive to sleep.

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What do our clients think?

They are the best sheets I have tried. I am removing the old bedding sets and replacing them with Sisomdos sheets and covers.
Ivana P.


I am delighted, I use the duvet covers both in winter and in summer and they give a very pleasant feeling while you sleep.
Helena G.


It has been a discovery. Since we tried your product, we have not hesitated to continue buying it.
Ana F.


A fantasy, it's like if every night you wear new sheets. They have a super nice touch and washing them is wonderful.
Asunción R.